News Update 31/03/2014

OxK Nym Nym posted Mar 31, 14

Month 15

This month we received a new recruit, I’m Invisible X

So far he seems to be fitting in well and is a good team player. I recommend that anyone who doesn’t yet have them on their friends list add him and get gaming with him!


OxK Jesse has been kind enough to provide the clan with a MineCraft Server which currently has seven player slots available and we have got a healthy community built up in the form of a small town, anyone who has not yet joined us but does have MineCraft should come join in the fun!

A huge thank you to OxK Jesse for his generosity!

OxK Tatsuke will also be holding another MineCraft xBox 360 Edition event this month, further details to be confirmed but you can sign up to participate here:


Finally after a long rest for the birth of her daughter I would like to welcome OxK Tatsuke back to being the official Clan Leader once again. It’s great to have you back Tats!


We have a lot to look forward to with E3 on the horizon, keep up the good work OutKasts!

Clan Co-Leader,

OxK Nym.

BTK420247 BTK Welcome invisible and welcome back tats!